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Centrallia - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada - 10-12 Oct 2012
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Last chance to register. Act now!

With less than two weeks to go before registration closes for Centrallia 2012, almost 400 companies have already committed from around the world. That number is expected to rise considerably in the weeks ahead as it did prior to the last event. If you are considering attending we urge you to act quickly so that you won’t be disappointed. You can do so by clicking here.

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Registrations close on August 31, 2012

Multi-Sectoral Representation Very Strong

Multi-Sectoral Representation Very Strong

Just as impressive as the fact that companies from Asia, Africa, Europe, South America and North America will be coming to Centrallia 2012 is the number of business sectors that these companies represent. Here is a short list of the top companies represented by the Manitoba contingent alone:

Bristol Aerospace Ltd. / Magellan
Standard Aero

Advanced Manufacturing
MacDon Industries Ltd.
Motor Coach Industries
New Flyer Industries

Viterra Canola Processing

Energy and Environment
Manitoba Hydro
Solar Solutions

Life Sciences
Schweitzer Mauduit Inc.
TRLabs Winnipeg

Mining and Minerals
RANA - Mine Refuge Systems
Cypher Environmental Ltd.

Transportation and Logistics
AJW Warehousing
Centreport Canada Inc.

Information and Communications Technologies
Buffalo Gal Pictures
Complex Games Inc.

Building Products
PCL Constructors Canada Inc.
Prendiville Industries

Want to know who else is coming? Contact us at

Centrallia introduced us to potential new sources of supply that we would not have met otherwise.

“Centrallia was a very positive experience for us. By participating at this forum, not only did we meet some delegations from a number of different international markets, but we were also able to develop some interesting contacts with suppliers from the local market. There was definitely value in our company participating in Centrallia and we look forward to participating again in 2012.”

Fraser Murie
Project Leader, Bristol Aerospace Limited, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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New Seminar: Sourcing Talent Internationally


If your company is like most, your people are its greatest asset. The problem is, good people are becoming harder to find and many companies are being forced to expand their recruitment efforts internationally or even explore the possibilities of a virtual workforce. In this seminar, Byrne Luft, VP of Manpower Canada, will discuss how the international mobility of today’s workforce can work both for and against your business. He will also help familiarize you with some of the international recruitment options available to you, as well as how to make your company more attractive to international recruits and less vulnerable to poaching.

Two International Business Presentations Added

We are pleased to announce the addition of two more presentations to the official program for Centrallia 2012.

The first will feature guest speaker Colin Osborne, President and Chief Executive Officer of Vicwest Inc., who will speak on the lessons his company has learned taking itself global. A TSX listed company (TSX:VIC) with $450 million in annual revenue, Vicwest operates two businesses: Vicwest Building Products – a leading manufacturer and distributor of construction products, and Westeel – a 100 year old company that has recently become one of the world’s leading providers of grain storage and handling systems.

Colin Osborne

Colin Osborne,
President and Chief Executive Officer
Vicwest Logo

The second presentation is designed to help businesses that are considering expanding internationally, off shoring or near shoring. It will be led by Brad Watson, a partner with KPMG, who will discuss how small and medium-sized businesses can evaluate their own international competitiveness as well as the competitiveness of their partners in external markets. During this highly informative session, Brad will draw on KPMG’s 2012 Competitive Alternatives Guide for comparing business locations in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

Brad Watson

Brad Watson,
Kpmg Logo

Six Reasons to Attend

Need a good reason to attend Centrallia? Here’s six.

1. It’s the most efficient way to grow internationally
In one trip (and only one hotel) you can meet with representatives from more than 40 world economic regions. Think of the jet lag you’ll avoid.

2. You can do real business
Each company in attendance sends people capable of doing business on the spot. This leads to discussions that rapidly go past the exploratory stage to discussing the nitty-gritty details of the deal.

3. It’s highly cost-effective
Your all-inclusive $1,100 fee delivers up to 14 new top level business connections plus numerous other networking and learning opportunities. No other business event can give you so much for so little.

4. It’s highly educational
Centrallia presents many opportunities to increase your international business IQ. With world-class keynote speaker Malcolm Gladwell, special seminars on international trade and even the opportunity to tour Manitoba businesses, you’ll likely leave with more than one or two ideas that you can put to good use immediately.

5. It’s located in the perfect access point to and from North America
Thanks to its central location, its multi-sectoral economy and its robust transportation network that includes air, rail, road and sea connections, Manitoba is the perfect starting point for any company wishing to do business in North America.

6. Centrallia works
At the last Centrallia 83% of participants reported that they anticipated new business to result from their attendance, while 90% rated Centrallia’s B2B model format as highly effective.

Save on your airfare with Air Canada

Air Canada

As the official airline of Centrallia 2012, Air Canada is offering special fares for Centrallia participants. Go to and enter the promotion code FXQPWXX1 to access the discounted fares to Winnipeg.

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