Successful Manitoba delegation in B2B Meetings

May 18-20, 2011 – the 16th edition of Futurallia, the proven match-making system forum founded in France in 1990, took place in Kansas City this year. ANIM, Manitoba’s bilingual trade agency, strong advocate of this model and Lead Partner in the inception of Centrallia, the international business forum from Winnipeg, was the Manitoba Delegation Leader which brought together 11 organizations from the Province, among them six companies :

  • Acrylon Plastics
  • Clearline Technologies
  • G2 Logistics
  • Jodale Perry Corporation
  • Technologies Learning Group (TLG)
  • Westland Plastics

and four Economic Development Organizations :

  • Manitoba Trade and Investment
  • Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce
  • CDEM (Economic Development Council for Manitoba Bilingual Municipalities)
  • Entreprises Riel

Here are some of the comments we received from the delegation:

“I had great results from my trip to futurallia. We are now actively selling an amazing new product from a start-up Quebec company we met in Kansas City. Our company will be distributing this new product to the North American market with the potential to more than double our company’s annual revenue within the year. I met a number of great people and was introduced to many opportunities, but it really only takes one great connection to make the whole trip worthwhile.”

Neil Krovats, Clearline Technologies

“Futurallia allowed me to meet with 21 companies over 2 days from around the world. But being part of the Manitoba delegate group allowed me to spend time with local companies; the mutual connection and bond gave rise to local networking opportunities that are valuable.”

Darryl Gershman, G2 Logistics

“As a custom e-learning services company, our value proposition is rarely communicated well in 30 seconds on a trade show floor. The Futurallia format gives us the time to present to potential clients in a way that they can learn what we are all about.”

Brendan Nagle, TLG Inc.

“Westland/Prairie Pride has done business in the agricultural sector in the plains states for several years, so I was very interested in growing our base there. When I saw the initial list of companies participating I had second thoughts as none of my “targets” were showing. In spite of this, I am glad we went as we made solid contacts to expand both our customer and supplier bases. We have already quoted on one job and had follow up discussions with two potential suppliers.”

Neal Curry, Westland Plastics


Photo : More than 10 Manitoba organizations formed a delegation to seek global opportunities at Futurallia Kansas City.
From left: Brendan Nagle, Dave Angus, Gustavo Zentner, Mariette Mulaire, Ron Kowslowski, Vernon Sindal, Darryl Gerschman, Virginie De Visscher, Normand Gousseau, Neal Curry, Neil Krovats, Joel Lemoine, Don Shearer, Steve Bonner and Suzanne Mireault.