“Centrallia immediately paid for itself with a $50,000 contract for our business.”

Ron Lamoureux
Whirlwind Media Group Inc.

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Whirlwind Media Group Inc. is a media and communications company specializing in e-commerce, social networking and creation of both 2D and 3D interactive environments for online application.

Centrallia Experience:

“Thanks to Centrallia we had the opportunity to introduce companies to our unique 3D animation solutions. Many saw how they could benefit from our innovative products and strategies to market their products and services. As a result, we secured a $50,000 contract with a company in New Brunswick for an online 3D animation in tourism. We expect further developments nation-wide.”


Whirlwind Media Group Inc, is looking at meeting investors, representatives from real estate, education, travel, sports and tourism as well as representatives from the arts and cultural sectors.